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Split Face Stone Exterior

Stone Veneers - Styles Distinctive as Your Own

Modern Home Improvements, Inc. can help you to distinguish your home from look-alike tract homes with the beauty of a stone exterior. Modern Home Improvements, Inc. will help you select, then professionally install, stone veneers that will beautify and add value to your existing home.

Be bold and rugged with irregular shaped ledgestone. Bring out the rustic, natural feel with smooth river rock. Whatever your style, Modern Home Improvements, Inc. will help you find the right mix and match of materials and finishes that meet your distinct personality.

A Cornucopia of Styles and Colors

Modern Home Improvements, Inc. has access to a cornucopia of stone styles and colors. We will help you mix and match materials and finishes to find the combination that meets your distinct personality. Our professional team will then install your stone veneer to create that beautiful look that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

Water Wash Stone Limestone Fieldstone and ledgestone mix

Only the Best Stone Veneers

Modern Home Improvements, Inc. uses the industry's best stone veneers, providing the best durability at the best price. Compared to natural stone, stone veneers cost 1/3 to 1/2 less, are lightweight, require no footings, wall ties or foundations, and provide a lower waste factor (2% vs. 10% or more for natural stone). Modern Home Improvements, Inc. uses stone veneer products that can be installed on any structurally sound surface, including clean (unpainted and untreated) brick, block or concrete.

Contact us for more information about how we can install stone veneer for your home.

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